Pregnancy and Childbirth

Baby Care

  • New Baby Care, Miriam Stoppard: A useful guide to everything you will need to know in order to care for your baby — how to hold the baby, how to change diapers, what babies eat and when, and much, much more. The huge amount of adorable baby pictures within the pages is just a plus.

Baby Purchases

  • Baby Bargains, Denise Fields: A guide to the quality and bargain-level of a huge amount of baby products. Useful reviews even if you are purchasing used items.


  • The Purity Myth, Jessica Valenti: A somewhat controversial book that you absolutely need to read if anyone is making you feel ashamed or like a bad person over the fact that you’ve had sex.

Young Moms

  • The Culture of Fear, Barry Glassner: Not technically about teen moms; however, it includes a section on why the American panic surrounding teen and/or single mothers is unfounded.
  • Rockabye, Rebecca Woolf: A memoir by a hip woman who found herself pregnant at twenty-three and turned her irresponsible ways around while still staying true to herself
  • Unfit Subjects: Educational Policy and Teen Mothers, Wanda S. Pillow: Covers topics such as how the current educational system fails teen mothers as well as how shaming teen mothers has a negative effect in society.


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