Getting a Job

Where to Find the Job

Everyone has seen those “Help Needed” signs in store windows, and that’s one way of finding job openings. Here are a few more tips though:

  • Go into every restaurant or store you would conceivably like to work at and ask if they are accepting applications. Even if they don’t hire you now, they might call you for an interview a few months from now when one of their employees quits on short notice.
  • CraigsList has many local job listings.
  • Your local newspaper will also have local job listings in the Classified section.

How to Apply

  • If the job you’re applying for has an application form, fill that out to the best of your ability. Complete as many parts of it as possible for the best chance possible. Use your best handwriting and perfect spelling.
  • If there’s no application, you will be asked for a resume. As a high school student, you probably won’t have much to put on a resume, but a few things you can list are volunteer work, good grades, any paying work  you’ve done in the past, and extracurricular activities in which you excel. Include the names and numbers of a few teachers or mentors who can recommend you and who don’t mind you giving out their contact information to potential employers. Make sure to type your resume in readable, double-spaced print instead of handwriting it.

Interviewing Well

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before the interview.
  • Eat a good breakfast the morning of the interview.
  • Dress nicely. This doesn’t mean you have to get fancy, but don’t wear those trendy ripped jeans with your favorite band t-shirt. Go for something you can imagine being appropriate for church.
  • Give your interviewer a firm handshake, look him or her in the eye, and smile.
  • Know at least the basic facts about the business interviewing you.
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