General Symptoms

Morning Sickness/Queasiness

This — throwing up and/or queasiness — is likely to happen in your first trimester (first twelve weeks) of pregnancy. And, contrary to the name, it doesn’t just happen in the morning.

Sore Breasts

This was the first symptom I noticed before I even took a pregnancy test. It should only last a short while.

Larger Breasts

This happens because your body will be gearing up to make milk for your baby. Even if you don’t intend to breastfeed, your body doesn’t know that! The size of your breasts might go down a bit after you’ve been breastfeeding your baby for a while, and it will almost certainly go down after your baby is weaned. If you don’t breastfeed at all, the size may go down sooner.

Food Cravings and Aversions

The commonly teased cravings and aversions pregnant women have are a bit mysterious. Not all women experience them, but most of the pregnant women I’ve spoken to did. I certainly did! I loved grape juice during my pregnancy, which I don’t normally like at all. I also craved whipped cream by the bowl and other oddities. Meanwhile, I temporarily stopped liking foods I’d once enjoyed (such as pasta), particularly during the queasy time in the first trimester.


Your body is building a human being, so it’s only natural that you might find yourself very tired. Though you may be tired throughout the entire pregnancy, the most intense fatigue should end with the first trimester.

Frequent Peeing

This happens because of a combination of a flux in hormones and your baby pressing up against your bladder. You may even wet yourself a little from time to time, especially during sneezes and coughs. It’s natural, so don’t be embarrassed — just wear panty-liners to prevent damp underwear.

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