Your Relationship

In the teen years, romantic relationships aren’t usually the type that lasts forever, but when you have a baby with someone, that permanently connects you to them through your shared child. The truth is that your romance with your baby’s father may not survive. Though making it work is possible, having a child is a difficult step for any couple to get through. It’s especially difficult for teen parents.


Often, a pregnant teen couple will jump to the conclusion that marriage is the right thing to do. Those under eighteen cannot marry without parental permission, but sometimes their parents will even push the teens in that direction. The best advice I can give you on this is that you should not get married out of a sense of it being “the right thing”. If you rush into marriage with the intent of giving your baby a stable home, it’s more likely that you’ll actually be providing your baby with two parents who feel stuck and can’t stand each other. Children are affected badly when their parents don’t get along. Don’t set up a situation where that’s inevitable for your own child.

Marriage, when done for the wrong reasons, will make an already difficult situation even worse. Being scared isn’t a good reason to get married; marriage just makes things even more complicated. Being ashamed isn’t a good reason to get married; it’s just a way to try and smooth over the appearance of the situation. Even being truly in love is not, in itself, a good enough reason to get married. Marriage is a legal action in addition to a love action. Keep that in mind. It’s like forming a lovey-dovey corporation. If you think divorce couldn’t happen to you, you’re as mistaken as you were when you thought you wouldn’t get pregnant.

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