• Baby Center: Extensive message boards for parents, and on the main site, almost every question you could think of about pregnancy will have already been asked and answered by someone else. There are also numerous informational articles and polls.

  • Babies R Us: Most valuable for its informative user reviews of various products. Also has good sales and coupons if you sign up for the email list.
  • Baby Center: Has some unique and high-end items Babies R Us sometimes doesn’t stock. Though it’s not a must for bargain hunting, they have good sales now and then. The best items sell out early in the sales though.
  • Craigslist: Contains an extensive baby-centric local classifieds section where you can find used items at tremendous discounts. Think fifty dollar cribs and thirty dollar strollers. Warning: Do not purchase used car seats — damage to these is not always visible. Always look up reviews of items you purchase used to make sure they are up to current safety standards.
  • eBay: For ordering both used and new baby items at auction prices, which can sometimes be bargains. Good for items you want to be used, but can’t find locally at Craigslist or thrift shops.

Maternity Clothes

  • Motherhood Maternity: Cute but not especially original maternity clothes. You can certainly find things here that won’t make you look like you’re dressing like your mom. The prices are good, and when sales are going on, they’re amazing.
  • Old Navy: Super-cute maternity clothes at reasonable prices. They have a lot of young looking stuff. Old Navy also sells inexpensive tote bags that could be used as stylish diaper bags.
  • Target: You can find some very cute stuff here at good prices, but on average, I don’t think it’s very special.
  • What Nobody Told Me About Maternity Clothes: An informative article with some tips and tricks for getting the right maternity clothes and then getting the best use out of them.
  • Cheap Maternity Clothes Online: Includes some helpful tips for how to go as long as possible without having to buy maternity clothes.

  • Behind the Name: Most reliable and comprehensive baby name site when it comes to accurate etymologies (histories) and meanings of names. It includes a great message board to discuss every aspect of any name, and you can create your own polls to see which names other users like best. There are a lot of other cool little tools here, but you need to discover them for yourself.
  • The Baby Name Wizard: Lots of fun tools to see how common particular names are, not only in general or in a whole country, but in different states.

Blogs and Other Sites

  • Girl’s Gone Child: Blog of twenty-something writer and mommy, with a focus on transitioning from care-free young woman to responsible parent without losing one’s identity.
  • Prymface: From the web site itself, “Prymface is about Promoting Respect for Young Mothers and challenging the stereotypical view of teenage parents that seems to encourage judgment and discrimination simply based on age.
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